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  • In 2010 The Golden Tulip’s hotel management made the decision to incorporate sustainability management into the daily running of their hotels and eventually settled on Ecompter to deliver the service they required.

    Golden Tulip

    Golden Tulip introduced a group sustainability standard called ‘Greenkey’ to rank the efforts made by hotels in the group.

    Properties with the Green Key standard adhere to strict responsibilities for sustainability, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The standards under Green Key aim to improve internal development of staff as well as improving engagement and communication with guests and corporate customers with the sustainable mechanisms of the company, including: water use, energy and gas use, sustainable purchase of hotel supplies, etc.

    In 2010 Golden Tulip Vlissingen received the Gold award for all efforts undertaken in the previous 12 months and were able to repeat the effort in 2011 and 2012.

    Green team

    Golden Tulip adopted Ecompter as their carbon management tool in 2011 to provide their ‘Green Team’ with more up-to-date and detailed data.

    Green Team members within the organisation frequently occupy different jobs roles but the Ecompter application can be easily accessed and used by all so that reports can be pulled quarterly for Golden Tulip.

    Carbon emissions awareness and engagement has grown extraordinarily since Golden Tulip began using Ecompter reports and Golden Tulip plan to incorporate more frequent CO2 management as a result.


    The total carbon footprint of the group decreased from 574.000 CO2 kg ing January 2010 to 420.000 CO2 kg December 2012 – a massive reduction of 26%.

    “We are extremely happy to work with Ecompter, and we have been able to achieve reductions in carbon footprint beyond expectations. We can without any doubt recommend Ecompter."
    Mr. Eef Izeboud, General manager
  • KLAUS K Hotel is a design hotel in the city centre of Helsinki, Finland and the hotel markets itself as ‘perfect accommodation’ for business or leisure travellers.

    Located in a popular area, KLAUS K required something extra to hold over their competition and found it in Ecompter.

    Klaus K

    Becoming an Ecompter user brought Klaus K a considerable amount of good publicity. Klaus K was the first hotel in Finland to use the software and were able to increase their dialogue with customers by providing easily consumable sustainable information to them. Since 2008 Klaus K have consistently reduced their carbon footprint.

    The KLAUS K, as a ‘design hotel’ aims to be a forerunner in the hotel industry in a number of ways.

    After considering different options for an environmental partner to support this ambition, KLAUS K concluded Ecompter to be the best fit for them. Ecompter was chosen due to the application’s fresh and clear approach along with its simple interface which manages to not patronise the casual user.

    Engaging carbon

    With the Ecompter application KLAUS K staff were able to increase and develop the dialogue they held with their guests and corporate customers and were able to provide a multitude of sustainability focused information and achievements to engage guests further.

    KLAUS K considers a transparent communication approach which utilises concrete facts in their environmental strategy to the best “certificate” of the hotel’s environmental commitment. By implementing the Ecompter application, KLAUS K has been able to reduce their carbon footprint consistently since 2008.

    Sustainable solutions

    By becoming an Ecompter user, KLAUS K were able to attract a considerable amount of good publicity, both in Finland and in the global leisure industry.

    KLAUS K was the first hotel in Finland to use Ecompter.

    “Ecompter Online provides us with a creditable and modern basis for our environmental communication. It concretely shows our openness and commitment to responsible business.”
    Tero Thynell, Rooms Manager, Design Hotel KLAUS K
  • Kämp Group is a Finnish hospitality group, which includes Helsinki’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. The Kamp Group employs approximately 400 staff across its six hotels and numerous dining establishments.

    In order to win big business in Helsinki throughout the group, Kämp Group employ Ecompter to improve their Social Responsibility agenda and demonstrate their considered care of duty to the environment.

    Kämp Group

    When Ecompter approached the Kämp Group they had been looking for an accurate and versatile tool to implement the management of the group’s environmental incentives across their five properties in Helsinki, Finland, including their flagship the Starwood Hotel Kämp.

    The Kämp Group required a way to measure, communicate and involve the hotel staff in environmental efforts.

    Sustainable solutions

    Ecompter has helped the Kämp Group to engage their staff and guests to pay attention to their consumption which has resulted in reducing the group’s carbon footprint by 20% in just one year.

    Kämp Group were able to use the tools within Ecompter to set realistic carbon and energy reduction goals with immediate follow up incentives.

    Ecompter has played a critical role in developing the group’s environmental incentives, and has inspired staff to initiate environmental efforts in their daily duties.

    The use of Ecompter in the daily running of hotels in the group signalled to higher management that the environmental incentives employed across the group could be easily adopted and soon became ‘business as usual’.

    “Continuous measurement and concrete facts are the key for successful environmental work in hotels. You can turn lights off by yourself, but it’s not until a service such as this that gives you the incentive to do so in a systematic sense.”
    Minna Laine, Facility Manager
  • A hospitality group of independently owned and operated hotels. The company has historically encouraged its hotels to “go green” using any methods which work best for their specific clientele and market.

    Best Western aim to make green easier to understand and manage for hotel management and, by extension, their guests. The group, therefore, offers environmentally friendly design templates for guest rooms and sustainably management training for hotel owners.

    As part of this global incentive for increased sustainability, Best Western have selected Ecompter to measure the success of current sustainability initiatives and chart the success of the programme development.

    Best Western

    Ecompter provides a management tool to monitor environmental hotel operations with a guest-friendly application to measure the size of the carbon footprint for the hotel stay. Best Western hotels using Ecompter were able to reduce their collective annual carbon footprint by 10%; with one hotel making a cost saving of 29%.

    Communicating sustainability

    Staff engagement and the education gained means that Best Western guests are tactfully reminded to turn off lights, asked if daily towel changes are necessary and encouraged to take showers over baths to inspire reduced energy use.

    The simple reports generated by Ecompter allow socially responsible companies to evaluate a Best Western hotel’s greed credentials prior to placing corporate bookings.

    Sustainable solutions

    Collective group carbon footprint was reduced by 29% (cost saving = tens of thousands of Euros across the Best Western group).

    Best Western are able to use Ecompter as a demonstrative tool to display hotel CO2 levels and sustainability information in an attractive format.


What does it do?

Tracking & benchmarking

To keep costs under control, Ecompter can track your most important hotel utilities, including energy, laundry, water and waste, as well as your cumulative utility costs. One glance shows you how you are doing, and our powerful benchmarking capabilities help uncover your hotel’s potential for improvement.

Share your sustainability story

Inform your guests about your sustainability progress using continuously updated data and figures, by generating your custom ready-to-publish sustainability widget. The widget can be placed on your website, lobby and elevator screens, and even linked to hotel booking engines. Customise it to your needs, or publish the default version in just a few clicks.

Environmental management

Develop, manage and track the progress of your environmental program with a solution tailored specifically to hospitality. Get help for compliance with industry leading sustainability programs, including TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, Green Key, Nordic Ecolabel and ISO 14001, and utilize recognized best practices from The Carbon Trust, The Bureau of Energy Efficiency and other leading authorities.

Carbon footprinting

We support the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, the hospitality industry’s standard for measuring and communicating the climate impacts of hotel stays and meeting rooms. Providing the data is easy, all calculation are automatically performed in the background, and results are instantly available. Benchmark your performance against others and challenge your team to improve!