Tailored solutions to help you achieve sustainable performance

  • Reduce your energy bills with simple measures

    • Identify and close performance gaps compared to your peers
    • Engage staff and customers to help towards your sustainability goals
    • Set targets and follow-up on results

Benchmark & improve

What you measure, you can manage and improve

Energy, water, waste and laundry costs can mean millions for large hotels

Reducing energy use makes perfect business sense; it saves you money, enhances your reputation and helps the environment. Saving energy increases your profitability even in an adverse business environment.

Ecompter links all consumption directly to cost tracking, so you have at all times a clear picture of how much money your utilities are costing you. Energy price has increased by approximately 5 % per annum over the past ten years in Europe. Keeping a lid on fast-rising utility costs is critical to keep your business in the black.

Ecompter provides also powerful benchmarks, which allows you to compare your efficiency versus your peers, and to identify what performance improvements you should target – and what it will save you!

Facts from Carbon Trust research

  • A hotel can typically achieve a 20% reduction in energy use by implementing simple measures
  • Signicicant savings come from engaging guests and staff to improve their behaviour and practices
  • Investments in energy saving can achieve 12-13% cost savings with payback periods as short as 1-2 years.
  • Ecompter contains a ready-to-use program of effective measures, with tools to follow-up on execution at your hotel.