Tailored solutions to help you achieve sustainable performance

  • Boost bookings with your green credentials

    • Share your sustainability story credibly and effectively
    • Improve your success in corporate tenders
    • Enhance your image and guest experience

Boost bookings

Credible sustainability commitment boosts your sales

Over 70% of travellers prefer eco-friendly hotels

According to studies from Nielsen and TripAdvisor, travellers prefer hotels committed to sustainability, and many are willing to pay more to stay in one.

Professional hotel buyers and travel agencies’ tenders are placing increasing weight on sustainability. Recent tenders by the Finnish government procurement agency, Hansel, included criteria for hotel energy and carbon reporting.

Ecompter helps you achieve this critical differentiation by getting your sustainability facts right, then right out the door. Once you have provided your data in the system, you can publish the desired results via an easy-to-use web widget on your website, screens, or even via text messages.

See a sample widget

Widget can be easily tailored via the Ecompter software to your look and feel and with your particular data, making it both efficient and effective communication tool.

Facts from TripAdvisor travelers:

  • 71% plan to make eco-friendly travel choices 
  • 57% make eco-friendly travel decisions often
  • 50% would spend more money to stay at an eco-friendly hotel
  • 60% feel rarely informed about hotel’s eco-friendliness