Tailored solutions to help you achieve sustainable performance

  • One-stop solution for hotel environmental management

    • Develop environmental program with best practices
    • Delegate duties to departments and staff
    • Monitor progress and ensure targets are met

Environmental management

Environmental management made easy for the hotel industry

Ecompter contains a curated list of international best practices for hotels

An environmental program is a management tool designed to ensure your business-driven sustainability targets are met. Setting one up can be complex and confusing. Ecompter simplifies the process, by helping you identify and select measures that yield the best potential for your hotel, and helps you to follow-up on their execution across the various hotel departments.

As the solution is fully cloud-based, tasks and duties can be assigned to and tracked for all users who participate in the program. You can also provide read-only access to staff, to keep your data safe from accidental updates or deletion.

Ecompter contains hand-picked, effective environment- and business-friendly best practices that allow you to boost performance.

Ecompter supports compliance with:

  • Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative
  • TripAdvisor GreenLeaders
  • Green Globe
  • Green Key
  • Nordic Ecolabel (Swan)
  • ISO 14001

  • Best practices from The Carbon Trust, The Bureau of Energy Efficiency and other leading authorities