Application Builder: game-changing tools for delivering custom applications

360optimi's industry leading customisation capabilities have taken another leap forward with the release of Application Builder. Application Builder allows customers to tailor and build and roll out their own customized sustainability applications with zero programming required. This allows for instance building an online processing capability for environmental labels, certificates or to support highly specific industry standards or internal environmental policies. The toolkit also contains publishing tools to publish selected facts to various stakeholders.

"There's no longer need for anyone to say that market solutions don't fill their needs. Building and rolling out a custom application is now a matter of days, and requires no IT experts. Of course, for those users who prefer, we still continue to deliver the software on a turnkey basis. We have seen a lot of interest for this and are also looking for application builder partners to roll out more customized applications around the world," says Panu Pasanen, CEO of Bionova Ltd, the developer of the 360optimiĀ® platform.

360optimi is a sustainability metrics platform that supports over 50 specific sustainability applications for various clients. It is built with a zero-coding customisation philosophy and allows highly flexible and tailored applications to be built for such specific needs as building accessibility, environmental labeling, mineral-based products EPD generation, power electronics LCA, food supply chain LCA, and dozens more. As a cloud-based service, deployment and updates are immediate and allow for very good manageability.

For more information please contact Mr Panu Pasanen,, +358 44 2871 722 or visit